10 Best Crime Dramas on TV

10 Best Crime Dramas on TV

Television has never been this interested in challenging tradition as now. Crime dramas have infiltrated our homes as a medium for which intellectual and emotional curiosities are dared, confronted and inquiries and curiosities fed.  For this article, we have come up with a listing of what we believe to be ten of the best recent television crime/drama series.

1.  Breaking Bad is the baddest, most watched, and most critically acclaimed Crime Drama in television history per Guinness World Records. No explanations needed. Simply consider this: 34 awards from major awards bodies like the ATAS. Cranston, Paul and Gunn have all received Primetime Emmys multiple times as well.

2.  Line of Duty is a British Crime Drama show that won the Royal Society Television Award for best crime drama series.  It’s among the top 50 British best shows of all time and is the highest rated current show.  It has gained over 4 million viewers in the first series.

3. Top of the Lake’s setting is in the picturesque Moke lake of New Zealand. Each episode is as engaging as the last and we cannot wait for the next one to be aired.  Oscar-winning writer and director pro-women Jane Campion of The Piano is behind this engrossing series that has won various awards and nominations including Golden Globe, the Primetime Emmys, and many more national and international.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a Police Comedy show that had a whopping 6.17 million Fox viewers in 2013 probably because of the charming combination projected by the cast of Samberg, Braugher and the rest. It’s earned outstanding reviews with some calling it a good comfort show. It’s won many major awards and has many nominations as well.

5. Better Call Saul. Many viewers are kept glued to their TV as they await the next unraveling with every new episode. To avoid what would be obvious outcomes, the creators successfully removed clues that point to it. The photography, sound design and the family theme make it worth the watch.

6. Narcos. The thing we like about Narcos is that each episode seems to be independent of the others in a series yet remains interconnected by the littlest clues. It tells how Pablo escapes near-death experiences and starts over again in the next episode. Each gripping episode could, in fact, be interchanged with other episodes.

7. Criminal Minds. The series is one of the most intense, most serious, most gripping we’ve seen on television tempered by Penelope Garcia’s pranks. We enjoy the beginning and ending quotes and best of all we love the stars, especially Hotchner who, rarely smiles to make the women giggle.

8.  Elementary. So the question is why watch this TV Crime show? The answer is “elementary” – the stars are simply awesome, the twists original and unexpected, and there are new characters being introduced in each episode. So if you think this to be a mere second rate copy of the original Sherlock, you’re wrong.  

9. Twin Peaks. One reason why you ought to watch this TV series is that it’s not just for the socially inept or the computer geek, but for those who love weird things, the supernatural, off the charts fashion, alien fantasies, poetry, and if you noticed, even the music.  Rubbishy as it is, some people think that it’s actually brilliant. So don’t just watch it, watch it pronto.

10. Some find Dexter too gory but it’s engaging particularly with the inner monologue, suspense, and of course the characters that can effectively help you understand what it feels like to be under the knife of Dexter, emotions included.

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