iluvit: An Efficient New Way to Optimize Your Consumer Experience

iluvit: An Efficient New Way to Optimize Your Consumer Experience

Thanks to the rise of the rapidly expanding internet, the wide variety of easily accessible, user-generated information-sharing methods allows consumers to make more efficient buying decisions. Back in 2012, a study by Symphony Teleca showed that 85% of people anticipated a change in their shopping behavior in response to the rapidly growing amount of use-generated content.1 Now in 2017, consumers all over the world have the power of the internet in their pockets (and even on their wrists) to help them make well-informed shopping decisions based on the reviews and recommendations of others. However, the decision-making process can be overwhelming in sifting through the massive amount of content out there to find reliable sources that suit your individual needs and tastes, so where do you begin?

            That’s where iluvit comes in! Our iluvit website is uniquely built to allow consumers to bypass this tedious research process by giving them recommendations catered directly to their tastes. When you become member with us, you’ll be asked to select your favorite things from a list of categories provided by the website, including things such as television shows, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, fitness centers and more. You can select as many items and business as you wish, and the more you select the better we’ll be able to get matches with other members on other great things you might like, similar to your taste. Once you’ve selected your favorites you’ll be matched with a list of other customers in our database that like the same things you do, and you’ll be able to browse their favorites and recommendations to find new, interesting opportunities and experiences you’re likely to enjoy. Within a few minutes you’ll be provided with a list of recommendations to help you plan your next trip or night out. Our website is simple, free, and designed with our customers’ happiness as our priority.

            However, iluvit is not only a good resource for the savvy shopper—research shows that using social networking sites like ours factors into circumstances for further benefits, ranging anywhere from a boost in mood to overall life-improvement. Barry Wellman, a sociologist at the University of Toronto in Canada, argues that our modern shift toward online communication and away from sitting at home alone and watching television is a switch toward sociability—a positive augmentation of day-to-day activities that results in more opportunities for communication and social networking. Studies have found that because humans are by nature social animals and gravitate toward herd behavior, social support and networking experienced both in-person and virtually online lead to a greater satisfaction for life and boost one’s overall well-being.2 In addition, the connections made through sites like iluvit will lead to exciting new opportunities. In his article in Psychology Today, Dr. Alex Lickerman describes a few of the benefits to trying new things: it opens up more possibilities for enjoyment in life, keeps you from becoming bored by shifting your routine, and forces you to grow as a person by experiencing a wider variety of things. “I find the spirit to try new things synonymous with the spirit of self-improvement,” he says.3

            Thus, iluvit can become more than a great starting point for the smart consumer; it’s also a springboard for our users to participate in a larger social network to seek out a greater fulfillment through connecting about the little things in life. What you put into the website is what you’ll get out, and the more people we get on our database the more quality recommendations we can give you in the future. With iluvit, endless possibilities are at your fingertips and a good time is right around the corner. We look forward to serving you!