Best Places in Milwaukee that Offer Delicious Pizzas

Best Places in Milwaukee that Offer Delicious Pizzas

More often than ever, many people have one question that they ask when they visit the city of Milwaukee ask ‘where will I eat’. People who are pizza obsessive wants to know what’s hot, what’s new, which chef prepares the best pizza and which pizza place serves the best pizzas in town. Which are the pizza places in Milwaukee?

Zaffiro Pizza

The Zaffiro family started making pizza in the 1950’s and they have become the best pizza place in Milwaukee since then. While every local pizza place offers the sausage, mushroom, and onion remain combo, the Zaffiro pizza stands out from the rest. They have invented the same combo and many others and perfected them to a whole new level that leaves its clients satisfied.

Pizza Man

Though it has been around for years, it keeps evolving with the times. Their pizzas have newfangled toppings such as lamb sausage, arugula, and cream cheese. Their most popular pizza is the Artichoke a la Mode or the go green topped pizza with pesto-sauced and fresh arugula for a better kick.

Alphonso’s the original

Alphonso is a delivery-only or a little take out spot named after mentor and owner Alphonso. The heavy Chevy is dedicated to his beloved drag racer and it’s just about topping on the menu. The Alphonso pizza is baked for a longer time ensuring the middle sent soggy under all the cheese, meat and veg. You can also get the standard sauce and pepperoni pizza if you are not a kitchen-sink-pizza person.

Transfer Pizzeria Café

Transfer pizzeria is a place where you can enjoy your pizza with a lot of music from the background. You can choose to eat from the extensive bar or at the sleek spot. Any of these options comes with fluffy crust pillow with lots of charred bubbles. Their pizza comes within a range of types, starting with the one with less shrimp or salmon, other with creamy garlic sauce in place of tomatoes. You can even try the one with pan fried potatoes and roasted chicken.

Classic Slice

The pizza place offers vegetable pizza as their main cuisine. There are more veg options to choose from and they include meatallica which has meatballs, sausage, bacon, and pepperoni or the Mediterranean with soy sausage, sun-dried tomatoes and olive tapenade.

Tenuta’s Italian Restaurant

It is known for its extensive wine and pasta list and it is the best place for anyone to grab a tasty pie. The Diavola, one of its tasty pizzas, is an interesting mix of giardiniera, peppers, pineapple, cream cheese and pepperoni toppings for a hot or sweet combination. It’s a little meaty, creamy and can definitely play with your taste buds.